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Nokümönish - A Tribute to the Baru Nut Superfood

Updated: Mar 4

The Amazon for Life team attended a charity dinner aimed at revaluing and promoting the consumption of the Baru nut, harvested and produced by women's associations. The funds raised at this dinner will be allocated to the purchase of seedlings to be planted in indigenous communities.

This event was led by renowned chefs from Santa Cruz - Bolivia and FCBC foundation, who, through an innovative menu, transported the diners on a six-course journey, showcasing the flavor and potential of this superfood from the Chiquitano Forest.

In this setting, representatives from the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Santa Martha also participated, highlighting the value of the almond for their community, its impact on family economy, the potential they seek to develop through processing, and the priority of conserving natural spaces. As a wild tree, it is threatened, just like the Chiquitano and Amazon Forest, by deforestation, forest fires, and land use change.

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