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Partnership For Growth


Over 10 years of experience in Bolivia  consolidating 17,000 Has of Sustainable Forestry Plantations  and over 1 million trees planted. As our partners we will be using their expertise and land to develop our business.

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A Florida-based company with a global footprint offering expertise in business development, sustainability strategies, marketing and communications, and a network of strategic partnerships.

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Formed with the purpose to engage support and resources towards a sustainable world.


TRI-NUTS, a company established in 2015, provides 100% natural products, specializing in the production of peanut, almond, and hazelnut butters. Committed to nutrition and quality.

According to general estimates, the Bolivian Amazon covers approximately 30 million hectares in total, with part of this expanse located in the department of Santa Cruz.


Over 10 years of experience in Paraguay  consolidating Sustainable Forestry Plantations over 50 million trees planted. They share expertise to develop our business.

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UK based company offering Consultancy in International Business Development, Market Entry Strategies and Management of Sustainable Development projects, through its global network of partners.

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AGROLIFE, founded in 2000, pioneers the future of agriculture, providing practical, ethical, and environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable, healthy, and competitive food production.


Roboré, a municipality and city in Bolivia, is situated in the far east of the Chiquitos province within the department of Santa Cruz. It has been significantly affected by forest fires.

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