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30 years experience in Forestry

in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and USA.


30 years in high-level management.

Our story

There was a time when all of the Eastern part of Bolivia was pristine Amazon jungle. Due to growth and industrialization this started to change, especially when agriculture and cattle farming changed their practices and cattle needed more grass lands and agriculture needed to clear more land to maximize their operations. As a result, natural forests were sacrificed, slash and burn techniques to clear the land were used and the trees started to lose its importance among indigenous communities and farmers.


1 Million+ Planted Trees in Bolivia

deforestacion bolivia.jpg

10 Million Planted Trees in Paraguay


10 years experience working with the indigenous communities in Bolivia.


10 year Integrated Land Management Model on 200 ha.


100+ Community Partners


20+ Nurseries Developed


Land Bank:

Over 130,000 ha in Private Land.

Over 1 Million ha in Indigenous Community Land.

Now, we can see the negative effects of deforestation that is causing Bolivia to lose its main forest due to deforestation. Bolivia is now positioned itself as the 3rd most deforested country of primary forests in the world and 83% of the deforestation is caused due to cattle farming and agriculture. In 2019 alone, over 5.3 mm hectares (about the size of Switzerland) of Bolivian lands went up in flames, including some of the country’s most important places for biodiversity and this is mainly due to slash and burn techniques that land owners use to clear their land.

We have gathered a team of experts in Agroforestry, Large Scale Forestry and Agriculture Experts, Indigenous Community Liaisons, and High-Level Executives to discuss and analyze the best way to plan and implement techniques and programs to revert deforestation and change mindsets through creating economies of scale that will improve livelihoods for indigenous communities and farmers, putting emphasize in tree plantations and restoration of forests.

Nursery San Josecito INFOCAL.jpeg

Our team believes that the only way to revert this mass deforestation is by introducing Integrated Land Management. This is an approach where one can maximize productivity of their land or farm by combining trees with various farming practices coupled with the integration of communities into the local economy.


We have all the necessary expertise to implement this approach at the highest level. Our vision at Amazon For Life is to create an ecosystem of sustainable land management businesses in the Amazon to mitigate the impact of climate change and deforestation caused by fires and destructive agricultural and cattle practices.

Baru nut.jpg

Our first business unit and commercial product is the Baru Nut. The Baru Tree is an excellent choice for reforestation because it requires low levels of maintenance, water use, and is fire resistant. And, it’s the next superfood for export to international markets. Since 2017, we have worked on the development of the Baru Nut production, establishing alliances with local communities to maintain the natural growth of the existing trees in the area and also to produce this new Superfood from the Chiquitano region of Bolivia.


Our formula and goal is to help educate the local communities and farmers on how to gain economic growth through the planting, harvesting and maintenance of Baru Nut trees, fast growing timber trees and high value timber trees integrated with leguminous crop agriculture.

Stay tuned for information on other new businesses we will be launching as part of our sustainable ecosystem programs!

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