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Strategic Alliance for Reforestation in Roboré: High Impact Environmental Commitment

The Autonomous Municipal Government of Roboré and the company Amazon For Life have formalized an Interinstitutional Agreement to face the environmental emergency in Chiquitanía, specifically in Roboré. The agreement seeks to plant 1,000,000 productive, native and endemic trees, strengthening productive capacities and providing sustainable technical assistance. The firm followed a detailed inspection of affected areas and evaluation at the Amazon For Life nursery. The company, specialized in sustainable forestry projects, will focus efforts on the reforestation of local trees. The signing ceremony, held at the Amazon For Life offices, highlights the joint commitment to mitigate environmental impacts and promote sustainable development in the region. This agreement represents a milestone for public-private collaboration in environmental preservation and community development.

Images on top shows the mayor of Roboré and Amazon For Life inspection in areas affected by forest fires and deforestation.

In this gallery of images, we can see the visit to the Amazon For Life nursery.

The images depict the signing of the contract and a handshake between the mayor of Roboré and the president of Amazon for Life.

Convenio Interinstitucional entre el Gobierno Municipal de Robore y Amazon For Life
Download PDF • 50.33MB

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