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1 Millon Trees for Santa Cruz

A Green Commitment in the Heart of South America

In a joint effort to beautify our city and contribute to the fight against climate change, this weekend, our company Amazon For Life had the honor of participating in the urban reforestation project "Sowing Shadows". This initiative, which began with enthusiasm and hope in district 8 of the city of Santa Cruz, has become a symbol of environmental and community commitment.

Amazon For Life team holding tree sapling for a reforestation project.
Amazon For Life Team ready to plant trees in Santa Cruz.

With the goal of creating greener and healthier spaces, 300 native trees were planted, of which, we are proud to say, 120 were donated by Amazon For Life. Among the selected species are Mara, Tajibo, Paradise, Cuchi, and Curupaú, carefully chosen for their ability to adapt to the environment, provide shade, purify the air, and beautify our streets with their majestic presence.

But our commitment goes beyond simple planting. Each planted tree has been marked with a unique QR code, an innovation that allows us to carry out detailed tracking and monitoring of each specimen. This system will facilitate the task of ensuring the health and optimal growth of each tree, thus ensuring its ability to contribute to the reduction of temperature, harbor life, and purify our air.

We feel deeply proud to be part of "Sowing Shadows" and partner with the city hall of Santa Cruz . This project not only represents our commitment to the environment but also to the well-being of our community. It is a tangible demonstration of how collaboration between different sectors of society can result in concrete actions for the benefit of all.

Two team members gestures upwards with their index finger, symbolizing the goal of planting a million trees with community support.
Team members raising their index finger for the million trees we aim to plant with your support.

We invite all our followers to actively collaborate with the initiative. For only 40 Bs, or its equivalent in dollars (5.75 usd) if you reside outside the country, you can contribute one or more trees to this green effort. Your contribution includes the maintenance of the tree for 5 years, thus ensuring its growth and benefit for our city. For more information or to make your contribution, please contact us via WhatsApp +59168869152 or simply scan the QR code if you are in Bolivia. Together, we can make Santa Cruz an example of sustainability and natural beauty.

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